Inspired by the raw beauty of nature, Jennifer Regan’s ‘Wilderbloom’ ain’t your average bridal collection. By combining classic silhouettes with contemporary details, Wilderbloom tests the boundaries of what’s tried and true by giving it a modern twist.

Featuring an array of stunning V-necks and deep V-backs, lovely embellishments and Jennifer Regan’s trademark soft drape skirt, Wilderbloom is anything but ordinary. Crafted by a team of talented artisans in Sydney and boasting only the most luxurious silks and European laces, these gowns radiate feminine charm.

£My mission is to create beauty – and I am rewarded every day when I watch a woman step into one of my creations and they realise this is the one,— explains Jennifer, who continues to channel her passion for creating simple yet elegant designs.

This Australian-made collection, featuring 10 stunning looks (including the Raven, Angelle and Arabella) ranges from $1895 – $2895 and is available in-store and online. For contact details or to make an appointment, simply click here.

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