Based in Auckland, Juliette Hogan is one of New Zealand’s most adored fashion designers. Her garments are what the modern woman truly wants – nothing too overcomplicated or over-styled. Just something that “conveys a contemporary simplicity with a focus on cut, cloth, craftsmanship and tailoring.”

Most recently taking on the bridesmaid fashion world, Juliette has come up with an array of special frocks perfect for celebrating love. Brides be warned, you may even be tempted to snag one of these for yourself – and we say go for it.

With four off-the-rack shape choices or the alternative of customising your dresses with a personal design consultation, the options are nearly endless. Just a side note: prices start at $499 and a minimum of eight weeks is required for the production of special orders.

Bridesmaid-Juliette-Hogan-neautral-colours-cool-best-designer2 Bridesmaid-Juliette-Hogan-neautral-colours-cool-best-designer3 Bridesmaid-Juliette-Hogan-neautral-colours-cool-best-designer4 Bridesmaid-Juliette-Hogan-neautral-colours-cool-best-designer5 Bridesmaid-Juliette-Hogan-neautral-colours-cool-best-designer6 Bridesmaid-Juliette-Hogan-neautral-colours-cool-best-designer7 Bridesmaid-Juliette-Hogan-neautral-colours-cool-best-designer8 Bridesmaid-Juliette-Hogan-neautral-colours-cool-best-designer9 Bridesmaid-Juliette-Hogan-neautral-colours-cool-best-designer10 Bridesmaid-Juliette-Hogan-neautral-colours-cool-best-designer11

CREDITS Bridesmaid dresses Juliette Hogan.