All y’all readers listen up! Read up? Either one, basically just take note, as Kellylin Couture is a bridal designer you need to have on your radar right now. And we have their latest collection, Wild In May, for you to peruse in case you are looking for the perfect wedding dress. They describe their collection as literally for “everyone,” confirming they “don’t discriminate,” which quite frankly, we love. “If you’re small or tall, curvy or straight, want something fancy or simple, we’ve got you and we will have you leaving the store feeling a million dollars because that’s what everyone deserves in our opinion.” 

They couldn’t be more right and they put their money where their mouth is with a price range of $400 to $2000 and a size range of 0-26 (with the ability to go higher if needed). In a day and age where this should be the norm (but unfortunately isn’t) this is well worth mentioning (and commending) and an impressive part of their brand. Also impressive is the lady led label and team, made up of Kelly Lin herself and “a powerhouse of like-minded mums and fashion forward women,” killing it at their game. 

“This collection really bloomed over lockdown last year and seeing the struggle the wedding industry (brides/ designers and vendors) had to go through,” says the designer. “We wanted to create a collection that showcased the love and inspiration we have and receive from every incredible woman/ bride who has joined the Kellylin family. Lots of soft, elegant and fun expression pieces to give the world a good look at how diverse and unique we are.”

You’ll find a beautiful mix of textured, structured pieces, as well as free flowing and figure hugging numbers with thigh high splits, not to mention a damn fine pair of pants, cute crops and slinky silhouettes – from the front and back.

If you want to try on these stunning gowns in all their glory, you’ll find the New Zealand flagship boutique in Auckland and multiple locations in Australia (including one of our go-to South Australian boutiques, The Bride Lab) as well as the UK. There’s multiple collections, as well as veils, capes, detachable skirts and bows and you’ll find the 10 gowns and seven separates that make up this collection below, so scroll down for all. If you want even more, head to their Directory listing with us here, or check them out in one of our recent fashion shoots here. But first…

Photographers Frank & Peggy Photography, Brijana Cato Hair & Make-Up Made-up by Ruth Floral Isadia Floral Location Thievery Studios Model Charli Passi via Unique Model Management