They say that age ain’t nothing but a number, and New Zealand based designer Kelsey Genna is a prime example of that. Graduating with her Bachelors in Fashion at age 18, Kelsey went on to launch her namesake label in 2011. Now 23, she has just released her- not first – but second bridal and evening wear collection.

Inspired by nature and florals, modern women across the globe are lusting after the fabulous frocks. From Valentina‘s classic colors, to Flora‘s hand cut petals and Delilah‘s Swarovski pearl and lace detailing, this collection has it all.

As if we weren’t impressed enough already, this label has taken unique’ to a whole new level. Each and every one of these brilliant gowns is made to measure, so they fit each individual bride perfectly. The 2015 collection is now available to order online and will be exhibited in a series of Trunk Events starting this month.

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