There’s nothing like little lacy things and lush blooms to get our hearts pumping, and thanks to this styled shoot by Lauren Campbell Photography we’re getting our fair share of both (yipee!).

Featuring lingerie from Hello May faves like Bridal Trousseau and One Day Bridal, this inspiration shoot has transported us to a dreamy world of lovely lingerie. Laurel & Lace‘s floral expertise really came into play providing a stunning backdrop of leafy greens and shades of red, lavender and pink.

Style By St James captured our eager hearts with gorgeous, elegant styling that merely accentuated the raw beauty that is fiery model Molly, whose luscious red locks and statement worthy makeup were on point thanks to the talent of Chic Artistry.

If nothing else, this sexy shoot has left us lusting for lace and lots and lots of pretty flowers… Take note, boys!

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CREDITS Photos Lauren Campbell Photography // Lingerie Bridal Trousseau, KissKill, Stella McCartney, Pleasure State, One Day Bridal and Heidi Klum Intimates // Stylist Style By St James // Hair and makeup Chic Artistry // Florist Laurel & Lace // Model Molly