In only four short years, Lee Grebenau has established herself as one of as one of Israel’s most prestigious fashion brands, best known for its bridal and evening gowns. Also recognised for her craftsmanship, careful tailoring and hand embroidered details, Lee uses the finest fabrics and materials and upholds high-end finishes.

Recently featured in New York’s Bridal Fashion Week, Lee’s 2016 collection, Mother of Pearl has definitely caught our attention. In true Lee Grebenau fashion, this range is all about the details. From sequins to intricate beadwork and beautiful embroidery, these gowns are ideal for sophisticated and beachy-boho brides alike.

Like kids in a candy shop, we couldn’t pick just one favourite so Florence, Sophia and Ivy were our winners. Though Lee Grebenau gowns are currently only stocked in Israel, we’re keeping our fingers cross they’ll land in Oz soon!

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