Those wunderkind behind Lola Varma (Courtney and Phoebe that is), have once again created a stunning collection to bring us into the new year, and we couldn’t be more in love with the modern meets art deco vibes.

£We thrive on expression, movement and risk-taking, all these deeply resonate with our design ethos that works to build on tradition, and in turn, create something new— said Phoebe. £We invite women to have fun with their wedding outfit—.

With a focus on minimalism and gentle romance, these slinky silhouettes meet a refreshing burst of 60’s inspired detailing, like the tortoiseshell buttons of the Parisi Gown (an HM office crowd pleaser), or the Beverly Belt, a stunning ode to the era of disco chiŸ  – and a gorgeous accompaniment to the variety of top/skirt combos.

£There’s a stronger sense of sensuality in this collection, as women look to be sophisticated as well as feminine and fun—, said photographer and designer Courtney.

We’re just a bit smitten with this stunning Australian label, and you will be too after you see this gorgeous NZ bride, and this stunning WA, LV donning bride. You can shop their made to order range online, or alternatively you can book a fitting at their Perth or Melbourne showroom here.

CREDITS Photography Courtney Illfield // Gowns Lola Varma.