M.J. Bale are basically one of our go-to menswear brands here at Hello May and for good reason. They are chic, quality and create all the feels for your man on his big day in one damn sleek suit. Now we are potentially generalising here but bear with us. A lot of men out there are perhaps guilty of leaving the suit shopping to the last second, no? And to think by posting this we may encourage a few more good men to get stuck into their styling a little earlier means we have done a good deed for the day. So here we are bringing you a bunch of their classic wedding suits, a mix of their core collection and some brand spanking new for Spring… Along with the need to know’s of course…

Firstly, we spoke to the label for their take on the M.J. Bale groom… “He is a man of character who enjoys the finer things in life but doesn’t take himself too seriously.” The size range? “We start from a small 36 sized jacket all the way to a size 50, for the generously sized gentleman, off-the-rack. But we can fit everyone through our made-to-measure program, which comes with the added benefit of being able to pick your own fabric, details and personalised design.”

On that note, there is a big difference between a suit that is off-the-rack (and then altered to fit you better) and a suit that is custom made, or made-to-measure. Both epic options, but different none the less. Usually the latter takes a little longer, and has a slightly higher price tag, although the suit is literally made for your body and hence, is the most personalised option you can choose. M.J. Bale offers styling sessions, off-the-rack, altering and custom suiting and bonus: they do a discount of 25% off for grooms parties of three or more. Hurrah! 

Now of course, price point? “We start from $599 RRP for our core range of Blue Label suits – woven from pure Australian Merino wool – with our finest offering being our Made-in-Japan Collection suiting, handcrafted from artisans in the Iwate Prefecture of Japan, and woven from pure Tasmanian Merino wool spun in the Italian Alps.”

If you head to their wedding webpage, you’ll find all the information you don’t even know you need to know yet (but you do!), a few different styles of grooms to inspire you – from beach to black tie and garden-worthy get-ups – and collections to suit… See what we did there?

Aside from dressing for your big day, M.J. Bale are also doing their part to be better in the world, worth noting we think! They not only have a clear carbon initiative (we’re talkin’ 100% carbon neutral by December 2021, people!) but also a strong focus on a collaboration with Moving the Needle, a movement that aims to reduce waste in the fashion industry, while giving back. Essentially, you can swap your pre-loved suit (from any brand!) for a $200 voucher towards an M.J. Bale update and they will clean and donate it to local communities and charities.  Touche guys, touche.

Now, if you’ve got here, you’re clearly interested in the M.J. Bale brand, so head here for tonnes of real grooms who have gone for it, too – there’s inspo for days and days and days. But first, scroll down…