So not everyone likes vegemite but no one can say they don’t like public holidays or this romantic shoot by Sweet Mary Photography for Maggie May Bridal. A vintage bridal boutique, Maggie May is the love child of two creative lasses, Vienna and Rose, who bonded over vintage threads and photography.

Their vintage wedding gowns are sourced from around the globe, each handpicked with the Maggie May bride always in mind – young at heart, free spirited and joyful. “The hidden gems are truly one of a kind, and whisper echoes of romance and affection”, say Vienna and Rose.

This whimsical shoot, put together by a team of Queensland-based vendors, reflects the brand’s aesthetic with beautiful, full-length lace gowns and cheerful yellow florals by Flourish Floristry.

With makeup artist Cheree Steel from Urban Miss Make-up and hair stylist James Morris from Mode Salon, model Erin Williams looked naturally stunning against the lambent light of the golden hour. An inspiring look that has certainly brightened our day.

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CREDITS Photos Sweet Mary Photography // Bridal gowns Maggie May Bridal // Florist Flourish Floristry // Hair Mode Salon // Makeup Urban Miss Make-up