Darkly beautiful punk patches and a brazen yet brilliant borrowing of designs, imagery and thinking going back to ancient times are the threads artist Andrew McLeod and jewellers Greg Fromont and Claire Hammon tied together to create this heralded collaboration  a new collection of rings for Meadowlark.

£These series is a true collaboration in every sense,’ says Fromont, £We all played our part in the creation of each one  from the original imagery, to mock up, to the final form. It was a real journey working out how to how to fit what we all wanted onto the form of the ring and in what combinations.—

Each ring is a visual battleground of harmony and dissonance, seamed with a dark humour from within the shared deeply creative mindsets and aesthetics of the co-creators. The base structure of these covetable pieces draws most strongly, and perhaps surprisingly, on American championship rings – brash, bold, showy – but strips them of flashy jewels and overt dramatics to create something truly unique.

Perfect for the groom looking for something a little different, an heirloom piece that can be handed down from generation to generation. The good folk of Meadowlark have also created an impressive collection of engagement rings and wedding bands we know you will love.

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