You had us at hello, Meadowlark. In fact you’ve sent us into a bit of a tizzy! We don’t know wether to wait, hoping someone will know to surprise us or if we should just go ahead and spoil ourselves? Either way, we want some of your stuff!

But being the selfless, kind people that we are, we’re giving our reader’s first dibs. On page 95 of Issue Four you’ll find a sweet Meadowlark giveaway! This is your chance to win one of Meadowlark’s stunning eternity rings so if you don’t already have a copy of our magazine, purchase one from your nearest stockist now for details on how to enter. You can also grab a copy from The Super Cool or Mag Nation’s online store.

We suggest you get in quick because we only have one black diamond (AU$609) and one white diamond (AU$910) ring to give away and these things are hot property! Since launching their RITUAL collection, people like us, have gone Meadowlark mad.

Handcrafted by principal jeweller Greg Fromont and wife Claire, this collection draws on concepts of timelessness, sentimentality and decadence. Each piece is a labour of love, created as a symbol of celebration and as a token of what is truly worth treasuring. What we especially like about this collection is that each ring is designed to beautifully represent whatever the giver or the wearer wishes them to.

meadowlark-ritual-black-white-diamond-engagement-ring-wedding-band2 meadowlark-ritual-black-white-diamond-engagement-ring-wedding-band9 meadowlark-ritual-black-white-diamond-engagement-ring-wedding-band3 meadowlark-ritual-black-white-diamond-engagement-ring-wedding-band4 meadowlark-ritual-black-white-diamond-engagement-ring-wedding-band5 meadowlark-ritual-black-white-diamond-engagement-ring-wedding-band8 meadowlark-ritual-black-white-diamond-engagement-ring-wedding-band6 meadowlark-ritual-black-white-diamond-engagement-ring-wedding-band7

CREDITS Photos Darren McDonald // Accessories Meadowlark.