Today’s not just any day, folks. For starters, it’s Friday, which is special in itself. But more importantly and definitely worthy of a shout and a post-work bevvy or two, is the fact that today is the day Meggan Morimoto‘s line of super-covetable, ready-to-wear luxury bridal shoes launches – and let us tell you, this is a collection to get excited about.

We’ve been fans of Meggan Morimoto for a long while here at Hello May – not only because her shoes are downright heavenly but also ‘cos she’s a straight-up awesome, down-to-earth, lovely human… we have all of the good words for this lady. And she is talented, as proven by this incredible new drop, Bridal & Beyond.

The line marks the brand’s shift from made-to-order to ready-to-wear, making Meggan’s delicious designs super-accessible, and if that isn’t bloody great news for brides everywhere (and bridesmaids… and anyone who loves a darn great shoe!), we don’t know what is.

Don’t be fooled, though – being more accessible doesn’t mean this footwear has lost anything in the way of style and comfort, which are the pillars of the designer’s eponymous brand. Far from it. In fact, the ethos of Meggan Morimoto footwear is to “challenge the concept that fashion necessarily forsakes comfort”. We’re here for that!

But let’s get down to the juicy details of Bridal & Beyond. What is so heckin’ great about this range is that you can pick and mix different detachable embellishments to create your own unique look. There are five sleek modern shoe designs in the range – James, a slingback stiletto, platform sandal Victoria, the Tatiana block-heel sandal, pointed-toe Alma, and metallic mule Martina – plus 10 different handmade interchangeable embellishments that let you dress your look up or down and make it your own. We’re talking clip-on pearl embellishments, metallic leather obi bows, organza blossoms, pearl anklets and silk ankle wraps… *sigh*. Dreamy.

Clearly, this is a bloody brilliant idea – so why now? Meggan says we can thank the pandemic (hey, at least it was good for one thing, right?). “Obviously, Covid has impacted the face-to-face nature of the business, and there are natural restrictions to how many brides you can service,” she tells us. “It seemed like the perfect time to make my designs more readily accessible, without losing the luxury or quality of the custom offering.”

As if we weren’t already loving everything Meggan Morimoto does, the brand’s slow, sustainable approach is also a huge win. Handmade in Tuscany in very limited quantities, these babies are about as far away from mass-produced fast fashion as you can get, folks – not to mention they’re bloody comfy (SO important come d-floor time), made from premium Italian nappa leathers with nappa lining AND custom-designed hidden insoles crafted from podiatric memory foam. Phew! You won’t wanna take them off when the party’s over.

But that’s kind of the whole point – Meggan Morimoto heels are stylish, comfy and built to last, designed to wear on your wedding day and beyond because they’re Just That Good. “Loved on your wedding day, lived in for years to come,” as the designer herself says.

So how much will these babies set you back? Meggan Morimoto ready-to-wear shoes will retail from $909, with detachable embellishments ranging from $225-$275. The shoes can also be purchased with embellishments, from $1144 – $1220, and you’ll find them exclusively at But remember, these are handmade in Tuscany in small batches (aka they’re super-limited), so you’d best get in fast – may the odds be ever in your favour!

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