Odios mio we are a little in love with Spanish label (by way of New York City) Otaduy. Die hard romantics and passionate creatives, Otaduy was born on a top-floor apartment on Keap Street, NYC one summer night with friends, music and photographs. The fine folk of Otaduy take inspiration from the little moments and small joys in life like “wearing red lipstick to go to the cinema or riding a bike while listening to music on a mild spring night.”

Their collections are designed to celebrate a special date or any date that deserves to be celebrated. Firm believers that no bride should feel the need to bow to conformity should they not wish to, Otaduy’s manifesto states: “You want him to look at you. You. Not a cold dummy, not a girl locked into a pompous wedding dress, or the woman that your parents expect you to be. Just you. In your own version of the princess bride; light and delicate. Or maybe like the wild child you are; rebellious, elegant, mischievous? Yes, you can wear whatever you want – dressed in white and wearing leather boots, or wearing braids and a floral crown. You can wear satin or lace, an open back dress or paint your nails black. It is your day. You set the rules. Or even better, you both set the rules. Because this is a tale of two people. A story that started with the first I love you and now continues with that I do.”

What did we tell you… die hard romantics! Now sit back, relax and enjoy the aptly titled ‘True Love’ collection followed by a sweet little documentary on how these gorgeous dresses come to life, from the moment pencil hits paper to the final fitting!

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CREDITS Bridal gowns and film Otaduy.