Those spanish speaking folk really are a charming bunch. Otaduy’s latest collection, Wild Love, made us a little weak at the knees – which is unsurprising, considering how much everyone loved the Spanish label’s previous collection featured here.

Firm believers that no bride should feel the need to bow to conformity should they not wish to, Otaduy’s intention has always been to create a range of looks suitable for any wild bride searching for something unique. “It is your day. You set the rules”, their manifesto states. And Wild Love is proof they’ve kept their promise.

Inspired by moments that make you stop and stand still – dazzling light, the weather, the purity of white – this collection has bravely mixed things up. Whether you want a gown with sleeves or straps, beaded or plain and made from silk, lace or satin each handmade design has plenty to offer any non bridal bride.

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