Give us a P! A! O! L! O! Because we think designer Paolo Sebastian, known to people who write him birthday cards as Paul Vasileff, deserves his own cheer squad.

A South Australian prodigy, it’s widely known that Paul Vasileff launched his first couture collection at just 17. SEVENTEEN! Renowned for his elegant, ethereal silhouettes and quality craftsmanship, his latest collection Sirens of the Sea features 13 striking pieces inspired by the legend of the sea.

Cloudy opal stones, iridescent beads, and shell-like embellishments evoke an otherworldly feel that, although slightly more sultry than his previous collections, works to create something truly spectacular.

“This season we have gone for a sleeker look” says Vasileff, whose custom print was inspired by vibrant coral reefs. “We have remained true to our classic Paolo Sebastian shape, whilst playing with sheerness and texture to create something new.”

Paolo-Sebastian-SS15-bridal-gown-wedding-dress-dusty-sky-blue2 Paolo-Sebastian-SS15-bridal-gown-wedding-dress-dusty-sky-blue3 Paolo-Sebastian-SS15-bridal-gown-wedding-dress-dusty-sky-blue4 Paolo-Sebastian-SS15-bridal-gown-wedding-dress-dusty-sky-blue5 Paolo-Sebastian-SS15-bridal-gown-wedding-dress-dusty-sky-blue6 Paolo-Sebastian-SS15-bridal-gown-wedding-dress-dusty-sky-blue7 Paolo-Sebastian-SS15-bridal-gown-wedding-dress-dusty-sky-blue8 Paolo-Sebastian-SS15-bridal-gown-wedding-dress-dusty-sky-blue9 Paolo-Sebastian-SS15-bridal-gown-wedding-dress-dusty-sky-blue10

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