Do you remember that time in your life when the idea of magic was alive and real? As a kid, all those tiny moments that seemed only to occur under magical circumstances, flower buds turning into fairies at night, the tooth fairy slipping past as you slumbered, Santa and his flying reindeer.

Well, it’s with that bubbling anticipation and excitement we have the pleasure of sharing with you this breathtaking shoot that feels a little like that: pure magic. And although we know this whimsical wonderland came from the hard work of those talented souls at Rue De Seine, and the careful craftsmanship of Jack Steel‘s photographic eye; we like to think that there’s still a little unexplained magic in this incredible shoot.

Late last year we announced the release of Rue De Seine’s 2018 collection, Moonlight Magic, which saw the evolution of the brand’s bohemian roots move a little more into a 70’s disco extravaganza of excess and fun. £Moonlight Magic is an ode to the rule – breaking, cult heroes of the 70’s and the iconic music scene which surrounded them.—

However, with each shoot, these gowns transform themselves into a new identity, effortlessly showcasing the diversity and uniqueness of each design; proving once again that the NZ label is at the top of their game when it comes to creating pieces that truely do work for any and all women. In their last shoot, the frocks transformed their model into a Grecian Goddess, whilst this latest collaboration sees a forest nymph gracefully roam the epic landscape of Queenstown, NZ.

We adore the stunning images of the Ziggy gown, whilst the Marrakesh Magic dress looks incredible against the rugged backdrop of those stoney walls.

These gorgeous gowns range from $2950  $6875 (AUD), and if you’re as eager to see these beauties in the flesh as we are, you can find the label stocked in The Bridal Atelier in Sydney and Melbourne, Through The White Door in Perth, as well as their flagship store in Auckland and The Paperswan Bride in Wellington and Queenstown.

CONTRIBUTING VENDORS Photographer Jack Steel, Gowns Rue De Seine, Model Bee Cooper.