If we ever sat down to write Rue De Seine a love letter, it would go something like this… Dear Rue De Seine, we just wanted to say that we love your gowns! No seriously, we can’t stop thinking about them. Ever since we found you, the world has been a better place. After a few more paragraphs written in much the same vein, we’d paint our lips in bright red lipstick and place kisses all over the page.

At least that’s what we would have done, until we saw their latest Vintage Collection and fell even more in love with this stellar kiwi label. You see, while we spy boat loads of vintage gowns, they can quite often seem old and daggy. Fortunately, any gown Rue De Seine comes with a guarantee that you’ll look incredible. No arguments. Their eye for quality design and fabrics and their ability to perfectly style any kind of bride is the reason they pick up amazing finds like the Sussane Dress, the Isabelle Dress, the Imogen dress and the Anoushka Gown to name only a few of our favourites.

With gowns ranging from around $1,500 and up to $9,000 you can shop the entire collection on their website, or if vintage is not your cup of tea and you are more interested in a gown designed by Michele from Rue De Seine herself visit The Babushka Ballerina in Sydney or The Bridal Atelier in Melbourne, both of whom stock a selection of Rue De Seine gowns.

Of course going straight to the source and paying a visit to the Rue De Seine showroom in Auckland, New Zealand is an option too! Either way if you buy a Rue De Seine gown, vintage or new, for your wedding day make sure you submit your photos to us here!

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CREDITS Photos Rue De Seine.