Her classmates voted her the most likely to be famous and Samantha Wills – the queen of bohemian inspired accessories – didn’t let them down. Over the years she’s built an empire that has continued to inspire brides around the world via her SW Bridal range.

Interestingly enough however, it’s her recent Emporium Muse collection that’s caught our eye. In true Samantha Wills style, her pieces are chunky, yet refined and totally on trend. Exotic and fashion forward, each accessory is the perfect contrast to any romantic, white wedding gown.

Add a bit of edge to your overall look with either her Southern Sun Earrings – featuring a signature turquoise teardrop, perfect for ‘something blue’. Or her Cavalier ring, necklace or earrings (we love all three!) Why? Simply because they’re a little bit lovely.

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