Our fave boho luxe accessory buff Samantha Wills will be back (and better than ever) next month with a brand spankin’ new collection. Wahoo! We’re so excited to share with you a sneak peek of the new range titled Halcyon, a beautiful name for a mythical bird who according to ancient writers breeds in a nest floating at sea at the Winter Solstice.

Including a wide variety of metals and textures, Halcyon features rose gold, gold and silver pieces to suit the likes of any girl (or boy). Freshwater pearls, turquoise details and cool crystals accent this gorgeous collection of accessories. Whether you’re seeking a classic cuff or a no nonsense necklace, Halcyon offers all the jewellery your little bohemian heart could hope for.

Unlike Samantha’s previous collections, like some of Simple Opulence, this new range steers clear of chunky statement jewellery and instead takes a ‘less is more’ approach, keeping things simple and stylish.

SW-HALCYON_0000_Shot_29_145 SW-HALCYON_0000_Shot_29_164 SW-HALCYON_0001_Shot_27_133-v2 SW-HALCYON_0001_Shot_29_122 SW-HALCYON_0002_Shot_27_059 SW-HALCYON_0002_Shot_29_092 SW-HALCYON_0003_Shot_26_058-2 SW-HALCYON_0003_Shot_28_081 SW-HALCYON_0004_Shot_25_017 SW-HALCYON_0004_Shot_27_003 SW-HALCYON_0005_Shot_24_001-v2 SW-HALCYON_0005_Shot_26_073 SW-HALCYON_0006_Shot_23_026 SW-HALCYON_0006_Shot_24_060 SW-HALCYON_0007_Shot_23_002-2 SW-HALCYON_0007_Shot_23_079 SW-HALCYON_0008_Shot_22_064 SW-HALCYON_0008_Shot_22_174 SW-HALCYON_0009_Shot_21_098 SW-HALCYON_0009_Shot_22_149 SW-HALCYON_0010_Shot_21_084 SW-HALCYON_0010_Shot_22_038 SW-HALCYON_0011_Shot_21_045 SW-HALCYON_0012_Shot_19_013 SW-HALCYON_0012_Shot_19_089 SW-HALCYON_0013_Layer-0 SW-HALCYON_0013_Shot_14_027- SW-HALCYON_0014_Shot_14_003 SW-HALCYON_0016_Layer-0

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