Today we take our hats off to Spell & The Gypsy Collective – a Byron Bay based fashion label that has once again brought our fashion dreams to life via their latest collection Loveland, which just so happens to include a few bridal worthy gowns!

A shoot inspired by the zeitgeist of the 1960s, where revolution was in the air and love was on everyone’s lips, Loveland celebrates some of Spell’s classic shapes as well as its obsession with lace via ‘Woodstock’ – a highly anticipated range of handcrafted luxe-lace pieces.

Captured by photographer Jennifer Stenglein at a dusty, clay filled quarry, the collection boasts a timeless off-white maxi dress and an incredible handmade jumpsuit, perfect for the non-bridal bride or anyone looking for something special to wear on their honeymoon. To shop the entire collection click here.

wedding-spell-and-the-gypsy-collective-byron-bay-bridal-gown-honeymoon62 spell-and-the-gypsy-collective-byron-bay-bridal-gown-honeymoon2 spell-and-the-gypsy-collective-byron-bay-bridal-gown-honeymoon wedding-spell-and-the-gypsy-collective-byron-bay-bridal-gown-honeymoon63 spell-and-the-gypsy-collective-byron-bay-bridal-gown-honeymoon3 wedding-spell-and-the-gypsy-collective-byron-bay-bridal-gown-honeymoon64 spell-and-the-gypsy-collective-byron-bay-bridal-gown-honeymoon4 wedding-spell-and-the-gypsy-collective-byron-bay-bridal-gown-honeymoon66 wedding-spell-and-the-gypsy-collective-byron-bay-bridal-gown-honeymoon67 wedding-spell-and-the-gypsy-collective-byron-bay-bridal-gown-honeymoon68 spell-and-the-gypsy-collective-byron-bay-bridal-gown-honeymoon5 wedding-spell-and-the-gypsy-collective-byron-bay-bridal-gown-honeymoon69 spell-and-the-gypsy-collective-byron-bay-bridal-gown-honeymoon6

CREDITS Photos Jennifer Stenglein // Bridal gowns Spell and The Gypsy Collective // Hair Luciana Rose // Makeup Gemma Elaine // Set design Renee McEvoy // Model Emma Stern Nielsen // Styling Isabella Pennefather and Elizabeth Briedis // Assistant Lily Reed Jones and Mae Hanna // Film Johnny Abegg // Production assistant Jeremy Donohoe.