Perhaps the most exciting news to ever hit our shores is the release of Spell and The Gypsy Collective’s debut bridal collection. That’s right people, Byron Bay’s favourite bohemian label has just entered the big bad world of weddings in a way that’s all their own.

“We’ve known, in our minds eye and in our heart of hearts, who the Spell Bride was, long before these gowns were designed. We’ve known her since the beginning, because we are her”, says Elizabeth, one half of Spell and The Gypsy Collective.

“Spelly and I have both designed our wedding gowns. We knew we’d wear them not as a costume, nor as gift wrapping, but as a second skin, so that when our beloveds looked upon us, they’d see only us.”

Featuring delicate crotchet, fine lace and flattering, bohemian inspired silhouettes, the Canyon Moon Mesh Gown, Casablanca Lace Halter Gown (first seen here) and the Canyon Moon Mesh Duster captured in this beachside shoot by photographer Johnny Abegg, organised by Michaela Macdonnell and with hair and makeup by Luciana Rose, are all available for pre-order here.

We don’t know about you but we think these gorgeous (and affordable) gowns will work a treat with the barefoot sandals from those clever folk at Forever Soles! Click here to check out their full range of jewelled beauties for your tootsies.

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CREDITS Photos Johnny Abegg //Bridal gowns Spell and The Gypsy Collective // Styling and concept Spelly // Hair and makeup Luciana Rose // Production Michaela Macdonnell // Hat Lack of Color // Model Louise Mikkelsen via Chic Management.