Our Byron Bay buddies at Spell & The Gypsy Collective have a delightful treat for us today, and boy, it’s a good one. The release of their 2017 annual bridal capsule collection is available online for all you bohemian loving brides to be!

“Vintage lace is something that I have collected over the years, and we get all of our mainline luxe laces custom-milled, so moving into a bride category a couple of years ago was super exciting to make something that little bit more ornate,” designer Isabella Pennefather said. “We love seeing these beautiful brides all over the world wearing them, but also someone rocking it at a festival too!”

Captured by the talented Brydie Mack on the picturesque grounds of the 19th Century Kasab, just outside the city of Marrakech, Morocco; the beautiful pastel tones are the perfect backdrop for the 2017 collection.

Whilst the Byron Bay beauties have a focus (and killer eye) for bohemian styles, the inclusion of embroidered silk, slinky slip gowns and the elegant high neck lacy frock will take you from sand to city, chapel to fields. Channel your inner Kate Moss (circa 90’s) with the gorgeous willowy slip numbers, or feel festival bride meets bohemian chiŸ  in the sleeved lace gown.

Frocks are priced between $995 – $1195.

CREDITS Photographer Bridie Mack // Designer Spell Designs.