When we first saw glimpses of Suzanne Harward‘s capsule collection Neo-Victorian’ (check out post here) we couldn’t wait to share the rest of the collection with you!

Neo-Victorian is everything a bride could want and more. Staying true to the Suzanne Harward bride aesthetic, the collection captures an unraveled beauty, that remains refined and elegant.

With gowns like, The Bell, The Austen, and The Kingsley, the collection was designed with the fashionable bride in mind and speaks to the independent woman. Drawing inspiration from art, nature and the world around us, the designs of Suzanne Harward will never compromise on an impeccable finish.

With a new online boutique, allowing brides from anywhere in the world the opportunity to wear a Suzanne Harward gown on their wedding day, Suzanne Harward is in high demand since starting out in Melbourne in 1975.

To see more of the Neo Victorian collection or make an appointment, check out the new website here.

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