Tara Lauren is an alternative bridal collection co-founded by sisters Tara and Shaina Healy. These siblings share a passion and enthusiasm for art, music, culture, travel, and of course… fashion and bridal.

Tara and Shaina have always found fashion to be of strong importance to the preservation and definition of self-expression. It is a celebration of life, the armor of distinction, and a visual representation of the experiences that continue to inspire them. With this in mind, their designs aim to bring out every bride’s individuality.

Tara Lauren embodies a romantic, fresh, elevated bohemian aesthetic designed with an admiration for the spirited confidence of today’s modern bride. The Tara Lauren 2016 collection is no exception.

Inspired by 70s style icons and the charm of the inherently feminine, the range incorporates the dynamic between the raw timelessness of romance effortlessly juxtaposed with the distinct boldness of the alternative bride.

Tara Lauren is exclusively stocked at Love Marie in Camden, New South Wales.

Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_002 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_007 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_044 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_050 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_062 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_087 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_089 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_096 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_099 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_107 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_118 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_124 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_141 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_157 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_164 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_165 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_176 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_194 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_202 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_208 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_213 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_226 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_234 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_244 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_249 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_252 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_262 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_274 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_282 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_285 Tara_Lauren_JeanLaurentGaudy_299

CREDITS Bridal gowns Tara Lauren // Photos Jean-Laurent Gaudy // Headpieces Heart of Gold Designs via Bride Boutique LA // Hair and makeup Julie Stoddard // Model Lizann MulĂ»? via Noties Management.