You’re in for a real treat today, guys. Why? Because when you’re shopping for your wedding, sometimes a price point is just really damn handy. Something we’ve touched on recently a fair bit when it comes to your big day dress. First up we brought you the Top 15 Beaut Bridal Gowns Under $3000, then the Top 15 Wedding Dresses Under $2000 and now you will find our favourite 15 luxe gowns to look at/ fall in love with/ spend up big on.

When better to splurge on a dress than on the day everyone is there to see you, right? There’s not really many other occasions you can get away with splurging so much moolah on one dress and hey, if that’s breaking the bank, we support your decision. And if it’s pocket change to you, that’s cool too. We’ve got all bases covered below. FYI – POA means ‘Price On Arrival’ and usually translates to upwards of 10 grand.

So scroll down and peruse all 15 as you please. You can buy some of these beauties online, but also don’t be afraid to call or email and make an appointment at some of our favourite boutiques in Australia, Love Marie (Camden, NSW), Hope X Page (South Sydney, NSW), The Bridal Atelier (Sydney and Melbourne) and The Bride Lab (South Australia) who have a number of these gorgeous gowns on hand. You’ll find gowns from some of our fave Australian designers on this list too including Karen Willis Holmes, Prea James and L’eto Bridal.

And if you want more, check out our Real Wedding Special 2019 (available on our online store and in all good newsagencies worth their salt) and Issue 24 that you can find here.

Alexandra Grecco Floral Iris Gown, $7500, make an appointment at The Bride Lab.

Chosen by One Day Kennedy Gown, $6295, make an appointment at Sphere Collective.

Dana Harel Lotus Gown, $POA, make an appointment at The Bridal Atelier.

Eisen Stein Bridal Gown, from $POA, make an appointment at Hope X Page.

Karen Willis Holmes Cassie Gown, $3190, make an appointment at Karen Willis Holmes.

Prea James Paradis Gown, $6050, shop online at Prea James.

Leto Bridal Piece 20, $3360, shop online at Leto Bridal.

Rime Arodaky Joni Gown, from $6400, shop online at Rime Arodaky.

Rue De Seine Vita Gown, $5250, shop online at Rue De Seine.

Ellery Salon Ruffled Lace Gown, $6967.51, shop online at Net-A-Porter.

Paolo Sebastian Beaded Gown, from $16000, make an appointment at Paolo Sebastian.

Vera Wang Maria Theresa Gown, $12090, make an appointment at Vera Wang.

Georgia Young Met Gown, $7290, make an appointment at Georgia Young.

Steven Khalil Gown, $POA, make an appointment at Steven Khalil.

Jane Hill Mimi Gown, $6500, with Overskirt, $2500, make an appointment at Love Marie.