Let’s be real, good people. Sometimes budgets don’t matter. And if that’s the side of the penny you sit, hats off to you. But most of us mere mortals have to work with one… on one… or towards one at the very least. Especially when it comes to ye ole wedding. So as per usual, we are here to help a sister / brother out and have searched high and low (so you don’t have to), to bring you a 20-strong list of glorious gowns (including some hella hot two pieces) that you can wear on your wedding day and thereafter.

As our headline suggests, all gowns are under the $1000 mark and cover most styles – from long to short, and the ever-chic midi – with fancy sleeves, unique fabrics and nice-as-pie necklines. Some are bridal designers like the incredible Lilia Cass, and some are bridal collections within existing brands (like the bridal edit from our faves over at Friend of Audrey). I mean, seriously, the Modern Soiree Pearl Strap Gown (above) comes in under $420 and is perfect for everything from your bridal gown, to reception dress, elopement option and even food for thought for your bridal party.

You might even pick up some new ways to style your chosen gown (like pairing it with a contrasting black slide), or a new hair and makeup vibe you can use as a reference for your wedding day beauty look. And if you love a fashion post and feel like perusing some more, don’t be shy – we’ve got lots on offer – so head on over here for more. There’s even gifting ideas here and you’ll find the latest in accessories here. But first, scroll down for our 20 fave gowns under $1000 right now and links leading you straight to them. All that’s left is to add to cart, stat.

ASOS Edition Drape Off-The-Shoulder Bridal Top, $110 and Drape Front Bridal Skirt, $120, shop online at ASOS

Jacinta James Luminary Knit Dress, $995, shop online at Jacinta James

Karen Walker Paradise Dress, $734.76, shop online at Karen Walker

Civil by Bo & Luca Rose Gown, $990, shop online at Bo & Luca

ASOS Edition Lucy Placement Beaded Wedding Dress, $360, shop online at ASOS

Aje. L Espirit Mini Dress, $375, shop online at Age.

Bec + Bridge The Dreamer Asym Dress, $380, shop online at Bec + Bridge

Mossman The Meadow Maxi Dress, $249.95, shop online at Mossman

Friend of Audrey Provence Love Full Sleeve Dress, $389.95, shop online at Friend of Audrey

Alice McCall Hotel Lobby Midi Dress, $425, shop online at Alice McCall

Friend of Audrey Modern Soiree Pearl Strap Gown, $419.95, shop online at Friend of Audrey

Rachael Gilbert Tyler Gown, $999, shop online at Rachael Gilbert

Aje. Cascade Cropped Top, $245 and Cascade Skirt, $395, shop online at Aje.

MLM Ivory Dante Silk Bridal Gown, $699, shop online at MLM

Joslin Studio Estelle Linen Ramie Maxi Dress, $580, shop online at Joslin Studio

Lilia Cass Little White Dress, $915, shop online at Lilia Cass

Rebecca Vallance Baci Bow Midi Dress in Ivory, $679, shop online at Rebecca Vallance

Kimberley Anne Coastlines Organic Cotton Button Maxi Dress, $490, shop online at Kimberley Anne

Spell Bride Chloe Gown, $895, shop online at Spell.