Soooo, the week has rolled around again friends, and the fact that you have clicked into this post means you are still on the dream dress/ jumpsuit/ pantsuit hunt and we, as always, are here for it… and you! We might even go one step further and say welcome to the fun part of the planning stage. Worth noting, we think it’s all pretty fun, but seeing as we work in the bridal industry, that might be seen as a little bias. You know what we mean though – that specific stage where everything has a newly engaged sparkle to it. And hey, this post could also be the end of the road, and you’ve still got options that you can simply add to cart, so here goes.

Simply put, we’ve based this round-up on the season/ weather/ vibes that we’re in the thick of right now and that’s Wintery bridal looks (for the cool, Hello May bride, of course). But don’t go thinking ‘Winter’ bridal looks have to be all long-sleeved, or Wintery at all, really. Think outside the box by adding detachable sleeves to your dream gown (Hera Couture have dropped a range of sleeves alone), adding glamorous gloves (check out Esty Style from one of our go-to’s, Love Marie Bridal Boutique), layering your usual look with a sheer blouse (Lilia Cass, you are the master), or even treating yourself to pretty little sleeves but paired with boots rather than heels (looking at you Karen Willis Holmes, Carte Blanche Bride, Maria Fekih from Mrs Fray and Forever Soles). While we’re at it, yes those boots are pink lace-ups and yes, totally bridal appropriate – not that you need anyone’s permission.

There’s also the bridal suit – but with a little bit of badass to it – layered over a crop and covered in lush lace from those clever cats over at L’eto Bridal, and the blouse and wide-leg look from the beautiful Jessica Couture. There’s a bunch of long sleeves (but not at all basic) from the effortlessly cool Bo & Luca and Lola Varma to the easy to wear Kellylin Couture and super sophisticated Luci Di Bella (both also found in one of our fave Sydney boutiques, Hope X Page). And if you’re after sexy, stylish and slightly daring, Rime Arodaky may be the brand for you – exclusively stocked at Sphere Bridal Gallery in Sydney or Anna Kara, exclusively at The Bride Lab in SA.

Oh and let’s not forget the (admittedly not groundbreaking) idea of adding a jacket, of course, but ensuring they are suited to the cool and unique is our thing, so don’t miss the faux fur you’ll find from our friends over at Grace Loves Lace, a sheer number (embroidered with ‘Wifey,’ no less) and even a waistcoat with cutouts (above, thanks to those talented peeps at Daisy by Katie Yeung). If you’re feeling a little more demure don’t miss Georgia Young Couture’s Coco jacket that could easily be part of a dress or layered over the top. Phew! It is jam-packed, no? 

Now go on, settle in and get scrolling. And when you’re done, head to a few other recent features here, and here for wedding dress inspo on actual tap. You. Are. Welcome.

Georgia Young Couture Coco Jacket, $2500, enquire at Georgia Young Couture.

Lilia Cass Ceremonial Organza Yoko Blouse, $780, shop online at Lilia Cass Ceremonial.

Karen Willis Holmes Rosabell Gown, $3490, shop online at Karen Willis Holmes.

L’eto Bridal Piece 51, from $3910, enquire at L’eto Bridal.

Jacinta James Sunbleached Dress, $550, Jacinta James.

Esty Style Olive Gown, $2995 & Emmy Gloves, $360, enquire at Love Marie Bridal Boutique.

Grace Loves Lace Monet Gown, $3500, shop online at Grace Loves Lace.

Forever Soles Sugar Bootie, $320, shop online at Forever Soles.

Maria Fekih Isolde Gown, $5900, shop online at Mrs Fray.

Kellylin Couture Ebony Long Sleeve Top, $475 & Nicole Skirt, $850, enquire at Kellylin Couture.

Oarma Sheer Pleated Cropped Coat, $495, shop online at Oarma.

Bo and Luca Florence Gown, $1250, shop online at Bo & Luca.

Laure De Sagazan Suze Dress, $5500, enquire at Carte Blanche Bride.

Anna Kara Jaspis Gown, $3850, enquire at The Bride Lab.

Luci Di Bella Gown, $POA, enquire at Luci Di Bella.

Hera Couture Vivienne Gown, $POA & Nebbia Sleeves, $POA, enquire at Hera Couture.

Who is James Smith Ortona Boot, $330, shop online at Who Is James Smith.

Lola Varma Sweetcheeks Gown, $5170, enquire at Lola Varma.

Daalarna RPS 177 Gown, $5800, enquire at Hope X Page Bridal Boutique.

Oui The Label Shiloh Dress, $3300, shop online at Oui The Label.

Grace Loves Lace Joplin Jacket, $449, shop online at Grace Loves Lace.

Mariana Hardwick Jacket, $POA, enquire at Hope X Page Bridal Boutique.

Jessica Couture Odette Suit, $3050, enquire at Jessica Couture.

Rime Arodaky Suki Gown, $5400, enquire at Sphere Bridal Gallery.