We sometimes forget that Vera Wang is just a person. Having had such a long and illustrious career in fashion, her name is now synonymous with style, luxury, innovation and everything to do with weddings. For more than two decades she has inspired the fashion world with her ability to consistently recreate traditional bridal wear, and this time it’s all about being cool baby… and showing a little skin.

Described as £Sexy, sensuous, skin. The seduction of cleavage, bare arms and legs… Young, cool and beaded— her Bridal Fall 2015 collection is tipped to cause quite a stir – in the best kind of way of course! Exquisite floral appliques, seductive silhouettes, metallic accents, delicate beadwork and enough tulle to gift wrap a small island have been used to create a range of garments that are a little bit romantic and a little bit rock and roll.

A native New Yorker, Vera Wang understands women who embrace fashion. The youngest ever Vogue fashion editor, this collection is proof she isn’t afraid to take risks. Whatever your style, there’s no doubt her designs are revolutionary and a little bit amazing. Enjoy!

P.S These drop dead gorgeous gowns will be available from Vera Wang’s Sydney flagship store from June 2015. To schedule an appointment click here.

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