With a knack for reimagining classic silhouettes, Chicago-based designer Veronica Sheaffer’s latest collection is timeless, feminine and effortlessly cool. £When I began draping this collection, the first piece to evolve was a pleated taffeta tunic with wide ruffles at the shoulders and a bit of peekˆaˆboo at the midriff”, Sheaffer explains.

“It’s the kind of thing a chic, bohemian woman wears to her wedding. It’s fun and it’s cheeky and it’s summer. And to me, it’s the perfect combination of elegant and cool.— In following suite, her other pieces include a ballerina-style bodice and a sheer, satin-faced organza skirt.

Working alongside her head seamstress who carries over 30 years experience, pricing for custom gowns begins at $4,500 and accessories at $400. The designer is available by appointment at her Chicago studio and is experienced at longˆdistance orders. Also keep your eyes peeled for her online shop, coming soon!

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CREDITS Photos Tamara Gruner Photography // Bridal gowns Veronica Sheaffer // Hair and makeup Solo Salon.