When we get a new range sent our way here at Hello May, there is always a little excitement in the office and Veronica Sheaffer’s new range for Spring/Summer 2014 is most certainly something to get excited about!

Combining short and long lengths with sheer glamour inspired by the 1960’s, makes this collection one of a kind; perfect for the low-key celebration or formal sit-down shindig. And the delicate beading and hand sewn details are just a perfect touch!

You can check out the full range of Veronica Sheaffer’s Spring/Summer 2014 range here, then be sure to head on over to the Hello May directory and check out more stunning designs by the likes of Jennifer Gifford Designs, Beska, Amanda Garrett and The Babushka Ballerina.

VERONICA-SHEAFFER-bridal-gown-wedding-dress-vintage-style-short2 VERONICA-SHEAFFER-bridal-gown-wedding-dress-vintage-style-short3 VERONICA-SHEAFFER-bridal-gown-wedding-dress-vintage-style-short4 VERONICA-SHEAFFER-bridal-gown-wedding-dress-vintage-style-short5 VERONICA-SHEAFFER-bridal-gown-wedding-dress-vintage-style-short6 VERONICA-SHEAFFER-bridal-gown-wedding-dress-vintage-style-short7

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