So you guys know we’ve got all of our brides covered from start to finish when it comes to this wedding prep thing, right? I mean, there’s our recommended vendors here, all the inspiration you’ll ever need from real brides here, and surely the dress of your dreams, here… But today we’re taking it one step further by rounding up 15 of our favourite stellar accessories. See what we did there?

We’re talkin’ the stars, the moon, a glorious, galaxy-inspired mix of both, or simply a teeny, tiny reference to your birth date on your big day. (Do not miss the Sarah & Sebastian Zodiac collection below, folks). It’s all here, and a winning combo with your wedding dress (or jumpsuit) regardless of its style.

Our fave? The Jy Jewels mismatched Giselle Hoop and Star Earrings above ($229) and the Bo & Luca Costella Earrings below. We’ve even got three pairs up for grabs in a giveaway in our latest issue, too. Find all the details on page 18, and don’t miss our new Planner & Notebook while you’re there. 

For those of you looking for an easy, purse-friendly option, Petal + Pup have come through with the goods- specifically the Celestial Earrings below, that are under $30! 

So go on… Scroll down, add to cart and tick off job number 493 from your to-do list today. See- told you we’ve got you covered.

Jy Jewels Alexandra Crown, $575, shop online at Jy Jewels.

Petal + Pup Celestial Earrings, $29.95, shop online at Petal + Pup.

Miu Miu Fringed Crystal and Bead Headband, $2030, shop online at Net-a-Porter.

by charlotte 14K White Gold Diamond Evening Sky Single Earring, $189, shop online at by charlotte & 14K White Gold Diamond Evening Sky Ring, $489, shop online at by charlotte.

Bo & Luca Costella Earrings, $284.95, shop online at Bo & Luca.

Sarah & Sebastian Taurus Necklace, $295, shop online at Sarah & Sebastian.

Jennifer Behr Zenith Crown, $1150, shop online at Jennifer Behr

Baby Anything Zodiac Gold Necklace, $629.99, shop online at Baby Anything.

Jennifer Behr Lunetta Earring, $648, shop online at Jennifer Behr.

Krystal Knight Jewellery Large Twinkle Twinkle Choker, $159, shop online at Krystle Knight Jewellery & Twinkle Twinkle Drop Studs, $139, shop online at Krystal Knight Jewellery

Percossi Papi Gold-Plated and Enamel Garnet Earrings, $581.78, shop online at Net-a-Porter.

ALINKA Stasia Black Diamond  Drop Earrings, $5900, shop online at ALINKA

Petite Grand Sun Drop e’r Earrings, $165, shop online at Petite Grand & Bloom e’r Earrings, $140, shop online at Petite Grand

Bo & Luca Kindred Star Bracelet, $112, shop online at Bo & Luca