You’ll have to excuse our french but we are loosing our sh*t over Lover’s new bridal collection for the non-bridal bride here at Hello May HQ today! White Magick Part 2 see’s the fine folk of Lover expanding their capsule collection of ethereal white dresses. This is the place where soft silhouettes meet sharp tailored shoulders and the place you want to be if you are looking for something a little different.

Be sure to click here to check out the rest of this righteous collection, so many different hem lines and lengths to choose from we are finding it terribly hard to pick a favourite style, but we’d love to know what yours is? Available exclusively from Lover’s flagship boutique (located in The Strand Arcade in Sydney) from today, we can’t wait to see the influx of brides rocking one of these delicate lace numbers down the aisle on her wedding day.

To see some of Lovers previous collections click here and here.

white-magick-part-2-lover-the-label-lace-designer-wedding-dress-bridal-gown-cool-awesome3 white-magick-part-2-lover-the-label-lace-designer-wedding-dress-bridal-gown-cool-awesome white-magick-part-2-lover-the-label-lace-designer-wedding-dress-bridal-gown-cool-awesome6 white-magick-part-2-lover-the-label-lace-designer-wedding-dress-bridal-gown-cool-awesome9 white-magick-part-2-lover-the-label-lace-designer-wedding-dress-bridal-gown-cool-awesome4 white-magick-part-2-lover-the-label-lace-designer-wedding-dress-bridal-gown-cool-awesome5 white-magick-part-2-lover-the-label-lace-designer-wedding-dress-bridal-gown-cool-awesome8 white-magick-part-2-lover-the-label-lace-designer-wedding-dress-bridal-gown-cool-awesome2

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