Known for its iconic campaigns, dreamlike quality, and clothes that tell a story, Wildfox is a vintage-inspired women’s knitwear brand based in Los Angeles. The label was co-created by two best friends who were “inspired by a love for vintage tee shirts and the magic of everlasting friendship.”

Their most recent feat is the brand spankin’ new For the Bride collection. Featuring a range of cozy yet cute lounge and sleepwear for the bride-to-be, this collection boasts cheeky undies, tees and more designed for midnight snacks, cake tasting, sneaking into the groom’s room and long plane rides to a surprise destination.

If you’re wondering what’s on our shopping list, we love the matching Just Married Tomboy Briefs and Just Married Sporty Bra, the Bridezilla Tuscany Tunic and of course the I Need A Drink Brunch Jumper.

The For The Bride collection is now available in Wildfox’s two California flagship boutiques and their online store which ships to 30 countries worldwide including Australia – score!

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