The wind in your hair, the sand under your feet. Floating in delicate, soft, white lace. Elegant and effortless, Wind Swept, gently brings brides back to earth.

An inspiration shoot by James Frost from one of our earliest editions, this album of dreamy images still stands out as one of our favourites. If you were with us at the beginning of our journey, you might recognise them from Issue 2 of Hello May. Unfortunately since the issue is now completely sold out nation-wide, we wanted to bring it to you here. Plus until now, we’d been hoarding most of these images – James had left us far too many to choose from!

The day we shot Wind Swept is a day we remember quite clearly. It was indeed quite windy and we were lucky enough to be hanging out with some of the most talented and creative folk in town. It was a huge success, thanks especially to The Sisters, who used their floral superpowers to create the unique floral crowns you see above and below you. Their capacity to arrange out-of-the-ordinary floral arrangements, like at this bright wedding, has made them a popular choice for many Hello May brides and you can see heaps more of their work featured inside the covers of our magazines or on our blog.

Amy Oram from Teeki Designs was also on board to help style our shoot, with her delicate head pieces featuring throughout. Despite making enemies with Mother Nature Vanessa Henwood and Tobi Henney worked their hair and makeup magic to transform model Becky Lamb into one of the most beautiful brides we did see.

It helped that she was wearing gowns that we still obsess over, including designs from Lover who have just released their latest White Magick collection which you can check out here. An Amanda Garrett number was also featured, a lovely lady whose gowns are stocked exclusively by The Babushka Ballerina who have kindly just opened their very first Sydney store. Also worthy of a special mention is the The Vintage Bride Boutique. We loved their long sleeve gown so much we had to have it in our magazine! We didn’t obviously know it at the time but they also ended up appearing in Issue 3 as the designers behind Esther’s unforgettable vintage dress.

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CREDITS Photos James Frost // Stylist Amy Oram from Teeki Designs // Flowers The Sisters // Hair VH Hair // Makeup Toby Henney // Model Becky Lamb // Bridal gowns top to bottom Lover, Amanda Garrett, The Vintage Bride Boutique, Kitsch Bitsch, Grace Loves Lace and The Flower Bride