Pets at weddings, guys. We’re all for it. Dogs, cats…heck, even rabbits! From one team of animal lovers to each and every one of you, we’re here to let you know, we’re a sucker for pets in the bridal party, on the dance floor and everywhere in between. And it’s for that reason, we’ve done you a solid and rounded up 20 of our favourite furry friends at weddings and can we just say, this blog post is a banger.

You’ll see the prettiest pup in the world below (I mean, just look at those pastel blue eyes), a rabbit enjoying the get ready just as much as his mumma, a number of dogs with flower crowns (as collars, of course) and even a couple of cats and dogs in bow ties… Because; why not?

You’ll find all the awesome photographers for your perusal listed at the bottom of this post. They are happy to shoot your pets just as much as you on your big day and we love them for it. So much so, a bunch of them are our recommended HM directory vendors, so get on and check ’em out; Wedding Gallery Studio, Janneke Storm (who pets aside, will provide you with some serious real wedding inspo here!), Bulb Creative, Elsa Campbell (who was kind enough to shoot our fab diary launch down in Melbourne), I Got You Babe Weddings and Motta Weddings. Phew! What a list!

Now scroll down for all the furry feels… It will, without a doubt, make your day.

CONTIBUTING VENDORS Photos (from top) Olguin PhotographyGoldlight Photography, Nectarine Photography, Brown Paper Parcel, Cloud Catcher Studio, Bespoke Photography, I Got You Babe Weddings (1), Elsa Campbell, I Got You Babe Weddings (2), Ebony Blush Photography, Motta Weddings (1), Motta Weddings (2), Natasja Kremers (1), Natasja Kremers (2), Flossy Photography, Janneke Storm, The Evoke Company (Flowers Clementine Posy), Through The Woods We Ran, Wedding Gallery Studio, Bulb Creative