As you well know, here at HM we are fond of some solid table styling and no table is quite as holy as that upon which you host your wedding day feast. This is your chance, as a couple, to host the ultimate dinner party (or lunch if you are so inclined). The teensy weensy details are not only fun to curate but are what makes your day, you. Whether you are a minimalist duo or a pair of floral fanatics, your reception table is a blank canvas and you can paint it any colour you please. Rules? Nah uh. Zero. Zilch.

Previously we have blogged 17 Wild & Wonderful Floral Ceremony Styling Ideas, 25 Cool Wedding Ceremony Styling Ideas and 20 Cool Outdoor Ceremony Styling Ideas but today we are all about that table. We’re talking delicately draped fabric, beeswax candles galore and lighting for days.

We have covered all bases with ideas for styling gatherings of mass proportions to tips on creating a vibe for an intimate setting of two. We’ve got round tables, long tables and even a picnic table in the midst. Fancy strings of fairy lights dripping from the sky? Just scroll down to Hitch’d Weddings and Events set up which you can find two piccies down.

If you are on the hunt for a venue you are bound to find a heap of goodies in this post from the cruisey Audley Dance Hall (above) to the gorgeous cottage verandah of Byron View Farm (nine piccies from the bottom). Don’t forget to scroll all the way down to our credits list for a bloody brilliant array of photographers. This post is practically a wedding planning gold mine, right?!

Now, get your Pinterest boards handy, brew a pot of tea and get scrolling…

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