As you witnessed last time we rounded up our fave furry friends, we’re big fans of pets at weddings, guys! So much so we’ve gone and done it again, this time rounding up 25 of our fave four-legged friends (or more precisely, 22 dogs and one cat, llama and lamb respectively) who are increasingly being incorporated into everything from the ceremony to the bridal party!

You might be like Em and Dan (above, but check out the whole wedding here) and are just in need of a ring bearer and witness for your country elopement or maybe you want to play fetch with your canine pal during the portrait sessions, or snuggle with your cat whilst you’re getting ready.

You’ll find all the awesome photographers for your perusal listed at the bottom of this post. These guys are more than happy to shoot your pets just as much as you on your big day and we love them for it. Working with animals is not for everyone and you want to rest easy in the knowledge you have a photographer who is ready and willing to work Cujo into your pics.

Some of our fave shooters of fur babies include Joel from Barefoot and Bearded in Newcastle (above), Victorian lens lady Ashleigh Haase (directly below) she’s literally dog obsessed, and Brisbane lens lady Stories By Ash, who’s gorgeous work you’ll find littered (pun intended, obviously) throughout this post.

Now scroll down for all the furry feels… It will, without a doubt, make your day.

CREDITS Photos (from top) Barefoot and Bearded, Ashleigh HaaseFolk and Follow, Amanda Alessi, Finch and Oak, Bonnie Jenkins, Carly Tia, Stories By Ash, Dan Evans Photography, Elsa Campbell Photography, Folk and Follow, Kristie Carrick, Nicola Lemnon, Olguin Photography, Samantha Simone, Stories By Ash, Samantha Heather Photography, The Evoke Company, Stories By Ash, James Simmons, Zoe Morley, Through The Woods We Ran, Jess Nicholls, Todd Hunter McGaw, Nicola Lemmon.