Hey guys, it’s us again, interrupting that murky time of year that is the Christmas to New Years break to deliver you our Best of 2020 rounds up. We have already shared our Best of 2020: Wedding Cakes as well as Bridal Parties, Styling Ideas and Grooms Style but today is undoubtedly one of our fave posts of the year, that is, the Best of 2020: Bouquets.

2019 saw a whole heap of bride’s getting aboard the bright, bold and bountiful train and we’re pleased to let you know that it’s still chugging along. 2020’s list, however, above all, champions the textural. Expect to find dried blooms, silky flannel flowers and lush orchids. We’re particularly loving the dried/fresh combo that has brides enjoying the best of both worlds.

Special shoutout to our South Coast gals Pia & Jade, Melbourne loves Poppy’s Getting Married and Bloom Boy, who wrangled up a storm alongside Byron babe Petal & Fern, Canberra-based Laurel & Lace, Sydney sider The Lillipillian and Adelaide duo Flowers In Nature.

Now, we hope you’re comfy on the couch, beverage of choice in hand, and ready for floral inspo galore because right here, in no particular order, are our top ten bouquets of 2020…

Sarah & Cameron, South Coast, NSW

When Pia + Jade tell you that they are perfectionists with a keen eye for detail, you trust em’. Believe us. These talented chicks are all over it and they sure did ace it with Sarah & Cameron’s brief of “fun!”. See that little pink fern peeping out? That’s what we’re talking about! Based on the South Coast, you’ll find that the Pia + Jade team will travel far and wide to spread a little floral love. Catch the rest of Sarah & Cameron big day, courtesy of Alana Taylor Photography, here.

Laura & Bill, Melbourne, VIC

Laura’s bouquet is our wild meadow flower fantasy come to life. That spray of orchids really is something else. This couple gave complete creative control over to their florist, Hattie Molloy, and they were pretty darn stoked with the results. As if we weren’t head over heels already, the bride also sported a teensy baby blue handbag (perfect for snacks) and one of our fave designers, Prea James Bridal. You can catch more of Charmaine Visuals snaps via Issue 28 of Hello May (available to purchase here) and over on the blog here.

Rachel & Maitland, Melbourne, VIC

Well, it ain’t Rachel & Maitland’s first rodeo, that’s for sure, their Melbourne nuptials first appearing on the blog here and their cake in our Best of 2020: Wedding Cakes post here. These two went ahead with their day mid-COVID and shared something a bit special, just the two of them (plus the wonder woman that is Ashleigh Haase Photography). Rachel’s rich, red bouquet was an extension of the colour theme presented by her luxe gown and executed perfectly by Floretta.

Catherine & Steven, Melbourne, VIC

When vendors are briefed with the word “vintage”, you can prepare yourself for all kinds of mood. Poppy’s Getting Married delivered in spades when it came to Catherine’s bouquet, incorporating flannel flowers, roses and poppies, of course. Just you wait until you catch the couples cute-as-pie ceremony setup here. The magnificent Georgia Verrells was behind the lens so there are details galore to peruse. Find more from this couple’s standout florist here.

Coco & Mark, Melbourne, VIC

There really must be something in the water down in VIC because the floral talent we are seeing is delightfully limitless. Perhaps one of our most loved snaps of 2020, Bloom Boy’s chock-a-block pink and red bouquet was destined for this list. Taking Coco & Mark’s theme and running with it, we think he smashed this one out of the park. You can catch more from this big day in our Best of 2020: Wedding Cakes post here as well as the day in full from the brilliant It’s Beautiful Here right over here. Smashing!

Katie & Matt, Adelaide, SA

Another big day you guys simply couldn’t get enough of, Katie & Matt’s Adelaide wedding (and The Raw Photographer’s snaps) are taking out another of our Best of spots, after snagging a place in our Best of 2020: Styling post. Being specialists in dried flowers, it is no wonder that Flowers In Nature created such a well-loved bouquet. Brimming with texture and earthy tones, this babe somehow manages to elevate, transform and complete an already stunning bridal look. The joy of flowers, eh? Be sure to check out the full day here but only after snagging The Raw Photographer for yourself here, of course.

Jamie & Win, Byron Bay, NSW

Here in Australia we really are blessed with a unique selection of blooms, and someone who understands this more than most is Jess, of Poppy & Fern, responsible for this masterpiece right here (captured by the brill Janneke Storm). Jess is Byron Bay’s resident sustainable wedding florist who also happens to own her own micro flower farm. Championing a gorgeous pale protea, Jamie’s bouquet was packed with Aussie goodies from flannel flowers to eucalyptus. Keen to snag this talent for your own day? Head here for more from Petal & Fern and here for real weddings in droves from Janneke Storm.

Giulia & Rob, Southern Highlands, NSW

As if Giulia’s delicate L’eto Bridal gown couldn’t look more perfect, she went and added an all white bouquet and yep, that’s our heart well and truly taking off. This top-notch bunch is the work of Trille Floral. Opting for full florals and no greenery, we love Guilia’s take on a “still life vibe” aka perfection aka give us more. Newcastle-based lens guy Justin Aaron Photography was behind the lens and it responsible for this here snap. You can find more of his work here and here.

Hannah & Zee, Sydney, NSW

Whilst Hannah & Zee’s big day was only blogged this very month, you guys have shown more than enough love to earn it a place right here. In fact, you showed so much love that this wedding also wiggled its way into our Best of 2020: Wedding Cakes post. And look, we are not surprised because one of Sydney’s finest florists, The Lillipillian, was responsible for creating these terracotta toned dream-boat bouquets. You can find more of her outrageously fun work here. In need of a Sydney-based photographer? We adore Tones & Harmony’s loved-up portrait sesh. Head on over here for more.

Madi & Michael, Canberra, ACT

When Madi issued her floral brief of “rust, cream, blush and gold” she had no idea just how taken she’d be with the final product. But the lovely Lauren of Laurel & Lace lives and breathes seasonal blooms so we aren’t all that surprised here. With blooms inspired by the raw, organic, whimsical, textural and intriguing, we’ve been fans for a while now. Stoked on the lovely capture? That’d be the work of With Heart. You won’t regret nabbing these guys for yourself!