Blanka Biernat. Sounds kind of awesome doesn’t she. And we’ve only told you her name. Wait till we spill the beans about her being some kind of crazy wonderful photographer and insanely fantastic illustrator, we guarantee you will positively lose your shit!

We gave away one of her oh-so-sweet custom couple illustration in issue two of Hello May which was won by Courtney and Tim, pictured below in all their Sunday casual glory, who plan on tying the knot later this year.

This illustration just goes to show how versatile the talented Blanka is. A casual couple illo like this would make for a great engagement party invitation, save the date or even wedding invitation. However if you wait until you get your photos back, a portrait of yourself and your newly minted hubby in your bridal best would make for a most excellent thank you postcard to be sent out to your nearest and dearest.

Based in the foggy don (that’s London to you and me) Blanka describes herself as “the perfect choice for unconventional couples, that want to create unforgettable and unique images they can treasure forever.” The fact that she can then take said portrait (whether she took it or not) and conjure up one of the creations you see before you, well, that’s just damn impressive.

blanka-biernet-custom-couple-illustration-etsy-bride-groom-wedding3 blanka-biernet-custom-couple-illustration-etsy-bride-groom-wedding2 blanka-biernet-custom-couple-illustration-etsy-bride-groom-wedding4 blanka-biernet-custom-couple-illustration-etsy-bride-groom-wedding5 blanka-biernet-custom-couple-illustration-etsy-bride-groom-wedding6 blanka-biernet-custom-couple-illustration-etsy-bride-groom-wedding7 blanka-biernet-custom-couple-illustration-etsy-bride-groom-wedding8 blanka-biernet-custom-couple-illustration-etsy-bride-groom-wedding9

CREDITS Illustrations Blanka Biernat.