It’s the ultimate paradox really – wanting to be married without having a wedding. Surely the two go hand in hand, right? Well not necessarily, especially if you choose to elope. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have the best of everything as photographer Jose Villa and stylist Joy Proctor discover in this nautical inspired shoot.

Picture this: A tiny, untouched island. A sun, kissing the horizon. Waves lapping at the shore and a space inspired by the cool, calm surrounds. Seduced by the silence, you inhale the unfamiliar sounds and smells and observe the beautiful decor created by many clever hands – whimsical bouquets by Kelly Kaufman, hand written notes by Feast, and a perfectly baked cake by The Scootabaker.

You’ve been away less than a day but already you feel like the shackles have come loose. Dressed in a gown by Samuelle Couture or Sarah Janks that makes you feel like you can float, it’s time to tie the knot, your hair and makeup flawless thanks to TEAM Hair and Makeup. Every detail from the table settings by Small Masterpiece and Greta Bean to each carefully selected piece by Found Vintage Rentals exudes some kind of magic and in that moment you know you’ll never look back.

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CREDITS Photos Jose Villa // Styling and design Joy Proctor // Bridal gowns Samuelle Couture and Sarah Janks // Flowers Kelly Kaufman Floral Design // Stationery Feast Fine Art and Calligraphy // Rentals Found Vintage Rentals // Table setting Small Masterpiece and Greta Bean // Cake The Scootabaker // Hair and makeup TEAM Hair and Makeup // Model Tatiana via Sirena Models.