Inspired by one of nature’s most dazzling creations, the peony flower, photographer Chantel Marie (also featured here) and florist Amber Reverie got together to create this romantic inspiration shoot.

Opting for a darker, fall palette stylist and stationery designer West End Girl sourced desserts from Flour & Flourish, dishware from Sun River Gardens and hand dyed paper and ribbon from Silk & Willow to effortlessly tie together a number of wedding day ideas.

As the unsung heroes of this dreamy shoot, the peonies added a beautiful pop of colour against the subdued, albeit elegant gown created by Ella Moss and natural hair and makeup by K L Artistry, creating a beautiful, inspiring editorial for the offbeat bride.

peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake2 peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake3 inspiration-peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake20 peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake5 peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake6 peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake7 peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake8 inspiration-peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake202 peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake10 peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake11 peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake12 inspiration-peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake203 peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake14 peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake15 peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake16 peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake17 peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake18 inspiration-peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake204 peonies-green-wedding-dress-wedding-mud-cake20

CREDITS Photos Chantel Marie // Stationery and styling West End Girl // Flowers and styling Amber Reverie // Bridal gown Ella Moss // Veil Danani // Hair and makeup K L Artistry // Desserts Flour & Flourish // Dishware Sun River Gardens // Paper and ribbon Silk & Willow.