Paris is a place that people everywhere are drawn to for one main reason: to fall in love. It’s sultry charm, self confidence and gentle rhythm (notice how people walk instead of run) always makes the human heart beat a little bit faster.

It’s why photographer Cassandra Ladru and jewellery designer Samantha Wills (now also the Creative Director of sparkling wine label Yellowglen) agreed it was the perfect spot to shoot their latest campaign for Yellowglen, Glittering Moments in Paris.

“The Bubbly Girl is an icon for Yellowglen, that stands out for me personally and was the epitome of this beautiful and sparkling personality. The inspiration behind ‘Glittering Moments in Paris’ had this girl at the very core… She celebrates, she laughs, she loves, she leads a beautiful life. She is sparkling in appearance and spirit… And she leaves a trail of glitter wherever she goes”, says Samantha.

Featuring gorgeous gowns by Leah Da Gloria and Georgia Young Couture and hair and makeup by Cherie Green, this shoot is also a celebration of the finer things in life – designer dresses, good wine, bohemian inspired jewellery, a beautiful blow-dry and most importantly, the one thing we all need – love.

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CREDITS Photos Cassandra Ladru // Bridal gowns Leah Da Gloria and Georgia Young Couture // Jewellery Samantha Wills // Wine Yellowglen // Hair and makeup Cherie Green.