“We wanted to keep it simple for this shoot, a plain white dress, a young couple and some flowers. We ventured out into the wild and rustic grass and deep into some forests”, says Grace of Grace Photography – the lady behind the lens of this whimsical inspiration shoot.

Along with The Flower Bowl, S.A.K Designs and Sombros she travelled to Ireland’s Mourne Mountains to bring us these romantic and inspired shots of a young couple – untamed, in love and carefree. The way it always should be, really.

Dressed in a petite, soft cotton dress by Urban Outfitters (perfect for an engagement or anyone planning an elopement) model Melissa paraded through the abandoned, worn pathways carrying beautiful bouquets with her pseudo husband, dressed in a perfectly paired shirt and pants, by her side. Beauty and precious moments it seems, doesn’t always have to be anything more or less than two people, a fabulous photographer and the magic of mother nature.

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CREDITS Photos Grace Photography // Cinematography Sombros // Flowers The Flower Bowl // Dress Urban Outfitters // Makeup S.A.K Designs // Location Mourne Mountains, Ireland.