Based in Sydney’s CBD, Hunting Louise is a top notch graphic design studio specialising in custom wedding and event stationery, hand lettering, prints and every other paper goodie your little heart could ever dream of.

Offering a range of floral, nautical and classic suites, Hunting Louise believes in the power of words to encourage and inspire and creates pieces to spice up your home, workspace or wedding. They’re true professionals at blending design and hand lettering and for brides to be, the options are endless!

Hunting Louise offers both collection suites (like this Confetti range) and fully customised stationery, plus on-the-day details (such as seating charts, hand lettered blackboards, table numbers, order of services, place cards and more) to match. Their aim is to create something you love and to make the process as stress free, straight forward and enjoyable as possible.

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