Here at HM we like a fresh breeze as much as the next person, but we also appreciate the certainty of a cosy, spacious or blank canvas indoor venue. Today, we are here to show you how to jazz up your indoor space to rival that of any outdoor ceremony location.

You see, indoor ceremony setups are far from boring. Take Laurel & Lace’s dramatic installation above, which serves up texture galore, or Mrs Gibbons Flowers arbour below that brings the tropical vibes inside.

The beauty of an indoor ceremony means you have one less rogue element to deal with on the day. No wind whipping your hair, threats of a downpour or uneven ground to contend with. No siree!

Whilst there may be no sweeping seaside views or vistas of rolling hills, there are more than a few ways to get creative with an indoor ceremony space. With the added benefit of being more or less candle friendly, they also allow for elaborate hanging floral installations (like The Marmalade Sky’s wild beauty right at the bottom of this post) and popping arbours (scroll down to Nudo’s pastel pink confection just two setups down).

But that’s not all, folks. You can also make use of windows and doors to frame your space. Take a peep at Pia + Jade’s bright arbour second from the bottom and Sugared Style’s moody situation three setups down to catch this idea in action. See? Options galore!

Now, enough from us. Time to whip that wedding planner out to make notes and be sure to scroll all the way down to be treated to a handy list of the talented humans behind the lens of these here pics…

CREDITS Photos (from top) Janneke Storm (Mrs Gibbons Flowers), Nick Skinner Photography (Nudo), Doe + Deer Photography (Sugared Style), Lauren Campbell (Laurel & Lace), Blossom Daily Creative (Badlands & Co.), Kenneth Lim Photography (Chandelabra Weddings & Events), Ashleigh Haase (Floretta by Grace), Tyler Brown Photography (Katie Cooper Floral Design), Katie Harmsworth (The Style Co.), Jimmy Raper Photography (Rita Feldmann Flowers), Studio Something (Blumette), Tennille Fink (Wooton & Nicholls), Jackson Grant Weddings, Lucking Photography (The Flour Shop), Ali Bailey (Little Lady Blooms), Gillian Keough Photography (Pia + Jade), Gui Jorge (The Marmalade Sky).