The colour pink makes her cringe. She doesn’t like too much makeup. She’s got style, a sexy edge and confidence (at least most of the time). Though deep down she’s vulnerable. She still likes romance and pretty things – in small doses anyway.

She’s drawn towards an industrial space, where just like her, things that at times seem hard become soft the moment they meet their perfect partner. Cinder blocks find comfort against gold metallic cakes, while wild blooms and small, seemingly insignificant succulents bring life to hardened surfaces.

It’s complex and cool. There’s moments of light and moments of shade but somehow everything is in sync. Her floating, detailed dress remains anchored by heavy metals and simple stationery above which hangs a string of delicate lights, like little angels. It’s a game of mix and match, of hard and soft. It’s perfect, and so is she.

This rough and yet romantic inspiration shoot by photographer Janneke Storm and wedding planner and stylist Erin of Hope and Lace which first appeared in issue eight of Hello May, still stands as one of our all time faves. From the stunning hair and makeup work of Avia Beauty to the floral creations by Kate Dawes Flower Design, it’s quite simply delicious, especially when you throw in the epic cake by The Cake That Ate Paris.

The list of amazing vendors continues with props from Erin’s own stash along with the likes of The One Day HouseMoreton HireMoments in VintageGood Wood Supply and Hodgepodge Hire, succulents from Melt Creations, stationery from September Creative and lighting from AV Ideas who together helped bring this industrial style shoot to life.

To top it all off this shoot also features some amazing statement gowns from designers including Amanda Garrett (stocked exclusively in NSW and QLD by The Babushka Ballerina) and Suzanne Harward (who are currently taking appointments for their June and July trunk shows) as well as accessories by Grew and CoCeleste Twinkler and IAMU. A bulletproof combination in our eyes.

Be sure to check out this awesome behind-the-scenes video by Joseph Wills that made up part 1 of this wonderful collaboration. Oh and if you’re out and about, don’t forget to pick up issue nine of Hello May, which hit newsstands last week and is stocked in newsagents nationally, to scope out more amazing wedding day inspiration!

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CREDITS Photos Janneke Storm // Planning and styling Hope and Lace // Film Joseph Wills // Hair and Makeup Avia Beauty // Flowers Kate Dawes Flower Design // Bridal gowns Amanda Garrett via  The Babushka Ballerina and Suzanne Harward // Accessories Grew and Co and Celeste Twinkler // Gold Tattoos IAMU // Venue Powerhouse // Furniture and prop hire The One Day HouseMoreton HireMoments in VintageGood Wood Supply and Hodgepodge Hire // Favours Melt Creations // Stationery September Creative // Lighting AV Ideas // Cakes The Cake That Ate Paris.