When Ang of Myrtle & Moss Photography first set eyes on Hatley Castle, a gorgeous 100 year old greenhouse, she knew she had to shoot there. Serving as the the initial inspiration for this bridal session, the ethereal feel of the greenhouse was paired with modern geometric shapes seen throughout the shoot.

The botanically inspired stationery from Studio745 complimented the model’s beautiful red hair and lovely makeup done by Beauty & Style by Erin Bradley, brows by Ecstatic Lash & Brow, and deep toned florals from the oh-so-talented Harry’s Flowers. Steering clear of tradition, the team opted for a super cool donut cake and paper bags of mixed berries to create a more casual vibe for the day styled by Trend Decor Events.

To add to the easy-breezy vibe, this inspiration shoot called for a wardrobe change (thanks to Lis Simon Bridal gowns via Tres Chic Bridal) – suggesting that brides may consider having a second gown for their reception or first dance.

By using nonconventional elements in a historical setting and deep, rich tones in the spring, are proving that not all weddings trends have to follow with the seasons.

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CREDITS Photos Myrtle & Moss Photography // Location Hatley Castle, Canada // Hair and makeup Beauty & Style by Erin Bradley // Eyebrows Ecstatic Lash & Brow // Gowns Lis Simon Bridal via Tres Chic Bridal // Design Trend Decor Events // Florist Harry’s Flowers // Paper Good Studio745.