Here at Hello May HQ we spend a great deal of time watching dog videos, discussing our own furry friends and handing out scritches to the resident office doggos. We also create fab content for you guys, like this lineup of sweet, sweet pets that rocked it at their parent’s weddings. We are big believers that pets are family and we couldn’t imagine hosting our own big days with our furry family members awol. So pets at weddings? Essential.

We have scoured real weddings near and far to bring you this heart-melting collection of images, express for your perusing pleasure. We have griffins in bow ties, good boys in floral wreaths and we even popped a cat in the mix. You will find oodles of poodles, dapper dachshunds and playful pups. We promise good times only.

Not only are a host of delightful furry friends represented here but this list also highlights the skills from the talented lads and ladies behind the camera. Scroll right down to the credits list if you fancy nabbing one for your own big day. They are clearly keen on shooting furry friends (and weddings, obvs) so what’s not to love?! In fact, a whole heap of HM directory vendors are represented in this list. Click the link for more fab photography inspo from Motta Weddings, Stories by Ash, Tanya Volt and Zoe Morley.

If you’re worried about having your furry friend attend your big day, and you’re tying the knot in Adelaide or Melbourne, be sure to check out I Do Paws, a rad little start-up that is all about caring for your four-legged friend on your big day. Now, we really think you ought to scroll down to check out these proud fur parents and their children….

CREDITS Photos (from top) Tyler Brown Photography, Mike Hemus Photography, Fontaine Photo, Flossy Photography, Lara Hotz Photography, Motta Weddings, Stories By Ash, Olguin Photography, Stories By Ash, Tanya Volt, The Bold Americana, The Evoke Company, Through The Woods We Ran, Zoe Morley Photography, Stories By Ash.