It’s a fabulous week here in the Hello May office. Not only did we drop Issue 31 yesterday, available in all good newsagents (find your closest stockist here), but today we are bringing you 21 brand spanking new ceremony styling ideas.

Your ceremony is your wow moment. It’s the moment all your guests are there for and the one that will live on in your memory for all time. We say go all-out. But going all-out looks different for everyone. It might mean hand planting fresh cosmos beside each bench seat of your aisle, or calling in Mrs Gibbons to craft something positively dreamy, complete with trailing orchids and softly draped fabric (the fifth ceremony set up from the bottom, for those of you asking).

We do so love an option, so today we’re giving you 21 to start with. Do with them what you will (though we recommend pinning your faves, this is wedding planning gold, after all!) We’ve been sure to include a little somethin’ somethin’ for everyone from the ultra-bright work of Duo Events (second setup down) to the dried palms and neutral tones served up by Flowers In Nature, another five spots sweet ceremonies down. You’ll also find the divine Elope’s work represented just below and, again, right at the bottom of this post.

We’ve got a unique set up from Hitch’d Weddings, pendant lightning included, right in the middle as well as a vibrant fiesta from the lovely Babiana Botanic, eight piccies from the top. Just underneath, you’ll find the coastal set up of our dreams from our good mates at Haus of Hera.

It would also be remiss not to mention some of our fave florist/stylist combos. You’ll find the likes of Lake House Daylesford (four setups from the bottom) and Pia & Jade’s sweet half arbour, utilising the natural curve of a big beaut tree, also in this handy post.

But don’t think we’re done there! If you scroll all the way to the bottom you’ll also find a list of the super-duper talented photographers responsible for these here snaps. A gold mine we promised and a gold mine we have delivered! Now, without further ado, please enjoy…

CREDITS Photos (from top) The Love Archives (Willow Bud), Beck Rocchi (Elope), Ridhwaan Moolla Photography (Duo Events), One Spoon Two Spoon (Boho Wildflowers), Miranda Stokkel (Babiana Botanic), Ivy Road Photography (Haus of Hera), Weddings By Sam (Lovers and Fleurs), Jessica Mary Photography (Flowers in Nature), Alma Photography (Hitch’d Weddings), Tiposnet Photography (Talia Bell Events), Janneke Storm (Kate Dawes Flower Design), Love From Luna (The Posy Cart, Mask Events), Mitch Pohl (Pia & Jade), Stories By Ash (Wildflower Florist), Lilac In Hand (Barossa Styling & Events), Natasha Grant (Sweet Little Sunday), Juddric Photography (Mrs Gibbons Flowers), Be Here Be Now (Lake House Daylesford), Adam Levi Browne (Signature Floral Design), The Salty Shutter, Tennille Fink (Anamundi Studio), Nina Claire Photography (Wilderness Flowers, Elope).