Here at Hello May, we aim to deliver, and there is nothing we like bringing you more than a wholesome dose of pets at weddings. We can honestly assure you that no wedding day snaps are quite as joy-filled and packed full of toothy grins as those with a doggos front and centre. Pets make our every day better, so you best bet that having your pet at your wedding will have you feeling on top of the world.

But don’t be fooled, guys, there is wedding inspo galore here in the form of a bunch of super talented lens people. Just be sure to scroll all the way down to catch those responsible for these here snaps.

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CREDITS Photos (from top) Sean Tak, The Salty Shutter, Katie Harmsworth, Be Here Be Now, Gold & Grit, Be Here Be Now, Briars Atlas, Jessica Mary Photography, Jimmy Raper Photography, It’s Beautiful Here, Katie Harmsworth, Tess Follet Photography, Benedict Sutton, Luminosity Film Studios, Tyler Brown Photography, Light & Type, Nina Claire Photography, Gui Jorge, Sean Tak, Maple & June, Ivory & Rose, Studio Something, Jackson Grant Weddings, The Salty Shutter.